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Adele blitzes the box office records in Australia

In case you haven’t heard, Adele is currently taking the Australia by storm — and her concerts in Brisbane last weekend were no different.

She played to 65,000 people in Perth to open the Australian run, followed by 120,000 people over two nights at the Gabba in Brisbane last weekend.

What is truly admirable for the 28 year-old singer is the fact she’s managed to put on some of the biggest shows this country has ever seen without a single interview or press engagement.

Adele Sandy Forster
Adele at the Gabba, Brisbane, Australia – Photos supplied via Sandy Forster at

ADELE has blown the box office records for outdoor stadium concerts in Australia on her first tour here, thrilling about 600,000 fans, who have bought two million copies of her three records over the past decade.

She has far eclipsed the concert record at the ANZ Stadium with the biggest crowd since the Olympics venue was resized in 2002, playing to about 95,000 people on Friday and Saturday nights.

With a reported $1 million guarantee per concert, with sales of T-shirts and other souvenirs significantly bolstering her takings for the three-week visit, Adele’s tour will be one of the most lucrative ever staged here.

Adele Sandy Forster Wildy Wealthy Women  

Number 1 fan Sandy Forster from Wildly Wealthy Women was lucky to be up close and personal with Miss Adele in the VIP section and provide us with some great photos. When I asked Sandy what she thought of the concert she said “I was very impressed with Adele.  It was so hot I could barely breathe but she kept belting out her songs.  She is a SUPERSTAR!! Would love to sit down and had a chat with her sometime, she’s my kind of gal.”

The ANZ Stadium biggest concerts:
95,000 Adele 2017
78,000 Taylor Swift 2015
77,000 U2 (Concert 2) 2006
76,000 U2 (Concert 1) 2006
76,000 AC/DC (Concert 2) 2010
72,000 AC/DC (Concert 1) 2010
67,000 AC/DC (Concert 3) 2010
67,000 Rolling Stones 2006
66,000 U2 (Concert 1) 2010
65,000 Bon Jovi 2013
64,000 Bee Gees 1999
58,000 Eminem 2014
55,000 Guns N‘ Roses (Concert 1) 2016
55,000 AC/DC (Concert 1) 2015
54,000 Foo Fighters 2015
50,000 The Police 2008
50,000 Cold Chisel 2009

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