Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson hits World Gym Gold Coast

    The Rock Dwayne Johnson Gold Coast
    IT is not every day you get to work out next to Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, but that is exactly what happened to a few fitness fanatics at a Gold Coast gym yesterday.

    The American actor and semi-retired professional wrestler headed straight to World Gym Ashmore for a workout after touching down on the Coast.

    Speaking to the Gold Coast Bulletin yesterday, The Rock said he had just finished filming Hercules in London and had been looking forward to his three-month stay on the Coast.

    Paramount Pictures and MGM present their latest epic, ‘Hercules,’ starring Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson.

    “I’m just here hanging out, having a couple of beers, seeing some friends and shooting San Andreas,” he said.

    “I’ve been looking forward to this for a long time. it’s a great role and a great project that I’m excited about, and getting back here to Australia is always good.”

    Earlier in the day he tweeted about leaving Dubai for the Gold Coast and described the city as his home away from home.

    “In Dubai and on my way to my home away from home … Australia’s Gold Coast. #BodiesKissedByTheSun #WheelsUp,” he tweeted.

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    The Rock said it was the Coast’s similarities to Hawaii that made it one of his favourite destinations.

    “It does (feel like my home away from home) because I was raised in Hawaii and there’s a lot of similarities here to that Polynesian culture,” he said.

    The Rock spent 90 minutes working out yesterday, the club receiving a last-minute call to let them know he was on his way.

    “It’s a great gym and I knew I could get a great workout and sweat while throwing around some heavy iron,” he said.

    He couldn’t wait to share his workout on social media, taking to Twitter and Instagram to share a picture of him taken at the gym boasting working out was his number one priority “After 22hrs of flyin’ to get to Australia”.

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    “We had a small warning call but thought that it might have been a prank, but we were hopeful,” she said.

    “Everyone in the club was really respectful and gave him his space; I think they were just in awe of him.”

    “He did a bit of a lap around the gym and also had a chat to a few of the members.”

    Gym member Azzra Hughes, 23, arrived just as The Rock was leaving and managed to get a photo with the star.

    Gym regular Azzra Hughes was starstruck and got a photo with The Rock when he was leaving
    Gym regular Azzra Hughes was starstruck and got
    a photo with The Rock when he was leaving World Gym.
    Source: News Corp Australia

    “I had a sneaky tip-off that he was here and he’s my idol so I came straight away,” she said.

    “It was so amazing to meet him … I love him so much.”

    In San Andreas, The Rock plays a helicopter pilot attempting to rescue his daughter after an earthquake hits California.

    The movie has a budget of $108 million and will start filming next week.


    Original Articled Source: Gold Coast Bulletin