Entertainer Katana Natasha follows her own artistic calling

Katana Natasha Singer, Song Writer, Actor and Entertainer
Katana Natasha Singer, Song Writer, Actor and Entertainer


Katana has always been committed to inspiring and encouraging lives through the power of music, events and entertainment.

She is a multi talented dynamo! From singing to acting, she is known for her commanding presence onstage.

Katana Natasha was greatly inspired by her Father, who was an accomplished dancer/director in Hollywood. By the age of four, to the amazement of many, Katana was standing on coffee tables, twirling in ruffled dresses, while singing “Broadway Baby, Daddy’s Little Girl” to the applause of her grandparents and family. Born with a keen business sense, she was already selling tickets to her shows. Katana soon discovered she loved making people happy, through music and performing.

Katana Natasha – Singer, Song Writer, Entertainer

Katana was also moved by the melodies of her Italian Mother, a gifted pianist whose faith was an integral part of her life. From an early age, Katana was surrounded by individuals in media and entertainment, due in part that her Grandmother managed Trinity Broadcasting Network, one of the largest Christian networks in the world. Therefore, she realized early on the power inspirational media has in transforming lives. Her exposure to individuals in these circles eventually found her performing before thousands of people with an apparent ease.

Eventually Katana developed a love for acting and was cast in leading roles, including Grease, Annie, and Gigi, while performing in song and dance. Katana garnered attention from top Broadway producers, but ultimately decided to complete her education. She auditioned for, and was chosen to be in, an elite singing group as one of the main soloists, traveling throughout California performing vocally and winning numerous awards.

Katana Natasha - Singer, Celebrity News Global
Katana Natasha – Singer, Song Writer, Entertainer

For the last 15 years, Katana has been an integral part of the hit group Zenith Nadir, recording singles and tracks for ears the world over. Her songs with Zenith Nadir have become ring tones in Japan, London, and Italy, and have been picked up by award-winning techno house producers. Her original singles “Waiting”, “Forever” – a beautiful five-track EP with mixes by Kwamai, and collaborations with DJ Matt Williams—and “Come Alive” were chosen for TV.

Driven by the urge to dig deeper into her own artistic calling and persuaded by friends and colleagues in the entertainment industry, Katana is presently stepping more fully into her own inner virtuoso.

She has teamed up with artists throughout her career, from co-writing songs and performing vocals, back-ups, duets, and voice-overs, as well as writing and singing jingles for commercials.

Katana currently is working on her newest single with Composer/Orchestrator Jeff Atmajian, best known for his work on The Hunger Games, Harry Potter, The Dark Knight, The Bucket List, Maleficent, and You’ve Got Mail, among hundreds of others. She is also working with three-time multi-Emmy winning Composer John Wineglass.

Sitting on a lifetime of commercial television and professional singing experience, Katana is excited to embark on all of her creative endeavors as she steps out onto the world’s stage.

She is also involved with several films and publishing endeavors aimed at bettering our world through music and philanthropy, inspiring hope.

Be expecting to read, see and hear a lot more about Katana. Visit her Instagram Account www.instagram.com/katana_natasha/ or website www.katananatasha.com