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Kylie Minogue looks daring in Perfect Magazine

On the cover of the upcoming issue of Perfect Magazine, Australian music diva Kylie Minogue appeared for her most audacious picture shoot in years, displaying her extremely well-known bum.

The eye-catching image is one of several alternate covers for the latest issue of Perfect that feature Minogue, 55; the others show the actress appearing almost unrecognizably different in a long black wig, with her hair tied up to a bundle of balloons in one artistic photograph.

Kylie Minogue Perfect Magazine GCN

The iconic music video for Kylie’s 2000 comeback single Spinning Around, which made such a commotion with those provocative gold hotpants, is referenced in the first cover image.

Kylie Minogue Perfect Magazine GCN

Kylie Minogue Perfect Magazine GCN

The other photos depict Kylie in a previously unseen dark brunette appearance that more closely resembles Angelina Jolie than Ms. Minogue.

The fourth alternate cover for the magazine features possibly the most conventional representation of Minogue that her followers are accustomed to seeing lately.

Kylie Minogue Global Celebrity News

The magazine cover comes as Minogue recently revealed her long-rumored next career move: She’ll be starring at the Venetian Resort’s new Voltaire Nightclub starting in November.

Tension, her planned sixteenth studio album, is scheduled to be released on September 22.

The album’s debut song, Padam Padam, was the biggest hit Kylie has had in a long time. It reached the top 20 here in Australia and peaked at number 10 with 200,000 copies sold.

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