Macy’s Remarkable You Fashion Show

When Macy’s decided to put together a huge fundraising event benefiting Remarkable Women in Monterey County, they asked Macy’s, CEO of K & Co. Media to co-contribute and help plan the event and to model in the event, being featured as their leading lady in this exclusive fashion show fundraising event, to be held in Monterey, CA at the prestigious Del Monte Shopping Center, an outdoor mall which consists of all the brand name businesses, such as Sephora, Forever 21, Apple, Champs, Footlocker, Lucky, Pottery Barn, Banana Republic and many more. “This is quite an honor”, says, Katana Natasha, as Macy’s is a very well known and high end designer retail store.
Macy’s has always been a leader in giving back in the community, but wanted to do something even bigger this year to help those less fortunate. Manager Michelle Frischman had the idea of creating an event, highlighting the top women of the Monterey Peninsula, known for giving back in the community and then tie it into a cause helping other women less fortunate. She contacted Julie Pierce King, Business Attorney and then Julie suggested Katana, of K & Co. Media and together, the three business women put their heads together, dove into their Rolodex of contacts and did what they do best. Recruit, plan and organize a fabulous event. But that wasn’t all…Michelle from Macy’s wanted this Fashion Show to have a purpose. She wanted it to help a cause close to her heart, so she chose The Gathering For Women in Monterey, CA. A charity that provides homeless women with supportive resources and a caring community. For more information, please visit this amazing organizing at
Katana Natasha Singer, Song Writer, Actor and Entertainer
Katana Natasha Singer, Song Writer, Actor and Entertainer
Katana Natasha, CEO/Founder of a global Marketing and Entertainment company, K & Co. Media knows a lot about event planning as her company is specialized in it. With satellite offices in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Carmel, Australia and New Zealand, K & Co. Media represents those who wish to increase their name recognition. With over 25 years in the business, they have created multiple events and have worked with influencial clients and companies, such as, CHANEL, Diana Ross, Brian McKnight, Warner Brothers, Matt Cusson, John Madden and have produced many charitable events, fundraisers, tournaments, concerts and more.
So what did Katana of K & Co. Media do after their initial planning session with Michelle of Macy’s and Julie for the Remarkable You Fashion Show? She hit the ground running! She immediately left the meeting with a phone to her ear and started personally calling one lady at a time and contacting them by email inviting and nominating other key women in the community to join the ladies in this incredible Fashion Show Event. One after the other, the ladies said yes. Michelle got her list of nominations and so did Julie and now we have an incredible list of power house leading women a part of this fabulous event.
Katana nominated mover and shaker Sylvie Vidal, 30 year veteran owner of Sylvie Unique Boutique in downtown Carmel, Pat Areias of high end Pat Areias Jewelry and Belt line with stores in Carmel and New York, Chanterria McGilbraowner of the incredible Prancing Ponies Foundation, Robin SteudlerGillian Young, Fitness and Health Coach, the gorgeous singer and race car driver Monika Spruch, owner of The Precious Foundation, Anna Gordon, Model/Actress and many more lovely ladies who will participate in the fashion show event. Sylvie Vidal jumped at the chance to be a part of this wonderful event, although very business running the day to day operations of her own store, in the middle of the holiday season, but said, “I love to help out women less fortunate, because I always keep in mind, that could be me.”

We couldn’t be more thrilled as we celebrate the Remarkable You Fashion Show that will take place on Saturday, November 17th. Here’s what you can expect: Being a part of a beautiful cause that is going to help women less fortunate who are down and out and need a helping hand. Remarkable You is asking for every guest who attends to bring a pillow, blanket or sleeping bag to be donated to the Gathering For Women or make a small donation, every bit helps. It’s cold outside and these women need to stay warm. So, at 9:00 am a Continental Breakfast will be served, along with an exclusive private shopping experience and VIP privileges for all guests. That’s right, you get to shop Macy’s before the store is even open to the public. At 9:15 am, the amazing Prize drawings begin and at 10:15am the Fashion Show will begin and you will see the most gorgeous outfits with a Holiday flair. Designer gowns, furs, dresses, outfits, you name it. You will see it all come together in a Remarkable Show. After will be a lovely meet and greet with the models and ladies making a difference in our community, one act of kindness at a time. Don’t miss this Remarkable Fashion Show event at Macy’s, located at 100 Del Monte Center, Monterey, CA 93940. Admission: A pillow, blanket or sleeping bag. Items can be new or in like-new condition. These blankets and pillows should be small enough to roll up, so homeless women can easily carry them. Collected items will be donated to Gathering for Women.

To RSVP, please email