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Margot Robbie pays off her mother’s entire mortgage

GOLD Coast girl turned Holl­ywood superstar Margot Robbie has shown she hasn’t forgotten her roots, paying off her mother’s entire mortgage as a gift for her 60th birthday.

The 23-year-old has been living between London and the US working on a number of film projects, and made the journey to mum Sarie Kessler’s Southport home to deliver the news that she now owned it outright.

Ms Kessler described the birthday as the “best one ever”.

“However, I was really disappointed it ended up on social media as it was a personal present.

“It was just amazing to have Margot home. We knew she was coming home — I tried to talk her out of it (coming home) because she has so much work to do because she’s starting filming Tarzan next month, so she’s really really busy.

Margot Robbie and Mum

“I am immensely proud of her. She is a fine young woman and she is directly focused and she sets goals and achieves them.

I’m just so proud — we all are. It was definitely the best birthday ever.”

“Congratulations and happy birthday to my mum,” Robbie’s brother Lockie wrote alongside the celebratory pic, uploaded to Instagram on Sunday.

“Margot always said that she’s been blessed with the opportunity to help improve the life’s (sic) of the people around her.

“Mum turned 60 today and for her prezzy Margot has paid off mum’s mortgage.”

Ms Kessler bought the three-bedroom house in 2007, the year former Somerset High student Margot graduated.

Friends and family were quick to congratulate the Nerang-based physiotherapist, who snapped up the family home, which boasts Hinterland and Surfers skyline views and a pool, for just under $490,000.

Margot Robbie and local artist Nicholas Chalmers
Margot Robbie and local artist Nicholas Chalmers during her flying visit to the Gold Coast.

The humble Hollywood star has previously described her mum as “the sweetest person on earth”, and is close to her family, despite famously lying to them about her l nude scenes in Oscar Award-winning Wolf of Wall Street.

She lived up to her down-to-earth reputation, keeping a low profile on her fleeting visit to the Coast, spending quality time with family.

Neighbours in the friendly and quiet cul de sac said while there had been some celebrations at the house over the past few days, with Margot’s brothers Cameron and Lockie spotted coming and going, no fuss was made over their famous sister’s visit.

While friends have been tight-lipped about the celebrity’s local activity, the Gold Coast girl couldn’t resist checking out some of her favourite nightspots, catching up with friends like model Julia Koenig and artist Nick Chalmers.

The group was spotted at Budd’s Beach bar Bumbles.

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