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Brenton Thwaites

Australian Brenton Thwaites in Wonderland Magazine

Meet Pirates of the Caribbean’s new star, Australian Brenton Thwaites! If you visited Helensvale in 2015 – a substantial but largely nondescript suburb on Australia’s...

Brenton Thwaites is going to be a Dad

Australian actor and Hollywood heart-throb Brenton Thwaites is going to be a father. He is expecting a child with Gold Coast-based girlfriend Chloe Pacey. Brenton first came...

Brenton Thwaites in Pirates of the Caribbean 5

  We may be saying "Ahoy!" to the newest addition of the Pirates of the Caribbean 5 cast, Brenton Thwaites. In negotiations to star opposite Johnny...

Brenton Thwaites on Son of a Gun

The Cairns-born star of The Giver is the latest Aussie actor to break into Hollywood in a big way To get an idea of the...

Australian Actor Brenton Thwaites in The Giver

As male ingénue parts go, few rank higher on the scale of infamy than the lead in The Blue Lagoon, the role that brought...
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