The Giver Movie Review


    The Giver is a 2014 American social science fiction film directed by Phillip Noyce and written by Michael Mitnick and Robert B. Weide based on the 1993 novel of same name by Lois Lowry. The film stars Brenton Thwaites, Odeya Rush, Jeff Bridges, Meryl Streep, Alexander Skarsgård, Katie Holmes, Cameron Monaghan and Taylor Swift.

    Imagine a place nearly free of all pain and suffering, where people are truly equal and everyone gets along. Imagine a place where hatred does not exist, where minds are not clouded by confusion or suffering, where the sun always shines and no one ever lies.

    In a utopian future where society lives in ignorant bliss, only a sage known as The Giver (Jeff Bridges) possesses all memories of the past. Now Jonas (Australian newcomer Brenton Thwaites) is selected to be the new Receiver of Memories.

    Jonas actually lives in such a world. He’s never known anything but. If there was ever another way, lost as it is in the folds of distant time, it’s best that it’s forgotten.

    The Giver Movie Review #thegiver

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