10 Reasons Why We Love The Rock


    So Hercules, the latest film to star everyone’s favourite human man The Rock, is out on July 25th and if we said we weren’t excited about it then we’d be lying. Since (sort of) retiring from wrestling, The Rock (or ‘Dwayne Johnson‘ as some people call him) has been in some awesome movies  – yes, we’re including The Tooth Fairy in that statement.

    In the run up to Hercules’ release, we thought we’d count down 10 of the best movie moments featuring The Rock, with a little old school wrestling thrown in for good measure. If you smell what The Rock is cooking…

    1. He gave us this AMAZING fight scene

    The above clip is from Welcome To The Jungle (also known as The Rundown), which we can state with absolute confidence is The Rock’s best movie. We’ve seen it so many times we can recite it backwards in front of a policeman. There’s not much more to be said about it, because the clip is above, so just watch it and quit stalling, slowcoach.

    2. He can beat up an entire casino

    Walking Tall is obviously The Rock’s second best movie and the sequence where he storms into a casino, and mops the floor with a bunch of bad guys, is one of the movie’s best. It’s even better that he does it not with any fancy gadgets or weapons, but with A BIG PIECE OF WOOD. That’s how all of life’s problems should be solved.

    3. He likes cheerleading movies

    It’s not all big pieces of wood (on fire and also not on fire) when we’re talking about The Rock though; he’s also got a good pair of comedy chops on him. Just check out the above scene from Be Cool, were he performs a ‘monologue’ from Bring It On.

    4. He gave us this other AMAZING fight scene

    In Fast Five, The Rock squares up against that other Hollywood brick, Vin Diesel. And it is glorious.

    5. He won the game of cameos

    This is quite possibly the best cameo in any film ever. The Rock shows up for about a minute and it’s easily the best part in an already great film – Reno 911: The Movie, if you’re asking. Just watch.

    6. He’s not afraid to take the p**s out of himself

    Another awesome Rock moment that steals a movie that is full of so many other hilarious moments. That’s the thing about The Rock – don’t invite him to your birthday party unless you’re ready to have all the attention taken away from you. Don’t resort to pulling your trousers down to try and divert attention back to you either – trust us.

    7. He got to shoot the BFG

    Ok, Doom wasn’t the best film ever made, but the fact remains that The Rock got to shoot the best weapon in the history of, well, weapons – the BFG.

    8. His debut starring role was AWESOME

    The Scorpion King is criminally underrated – it’s really good. It’s essentially like a feature length wrestling match, but with added costumes. What more could you want?

    9. He can actually ACT

    Snitch was a bit of a departure from The Rock’s usual shtick (not that the trailers made this clear though), insofar as he spent most of the film acting rather than cracking heads. Which is a bit of shame really, because we like watching him do that, but Snitch was still a great film. He even made us cry at the end. Wait no, he didn’t make us cry, that’s what we meant to say. Didn’t.

    10. He was an amazing wrestler

    Ok fine. We couldn’t really have a list of reasons we love The Rock without mentioning his wrestling – it’s the reason he’s so famous, after all. He was easily one of the best (and funniest) wrestlers of all time, and the video above offers a glimpse into exactly why…

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