Matthew McConaughey Brought Both His Wife and His Mom to the Oscars


Some celebs bring significant others to award shows. Some bring their mothers. Matthew McConaughey brought both! Why? Because he can.

The Dallas Buyers Club star hit the Oscars red carpet with both his wife Camila Alves (who looked stunning in pink), and his mom Mary Kathlene McCabe. He couldn’t keep either of his favorite ladies left out of his big night! Isn’t that sweet?

And speaking of his big night as a nominee for Best Actor, McConaughey revealed to Ryan Seacrest that getting Dallas Buyers Club on the big screen was nothing short of an uphill battle.

“[It was] 20 years in the making!” McConaughey said. “Turned down 137 times, and we finally got it across the line.”

His wife Camila agreed that this movie was meant for Matthew, from the very first moment the project came across his desk.

“As soon as it came to you, you knew you wanted to do it,” Camila remembered with her hubby.

McConaughey was also rocking the white tux tonight, along with Ryan Seacrest and Jared Leto.